Monday, September 5, 2011

Is summer really over?

Where did the time go? Who does not love summer and all the fun times. It seems that time went by so fast, but looking back I realize that really was about three months we spent together having fun, and Alena's first time attending a whole bunch of different camps while Mia Rosie spent her last summer in her amazing preschool.

Alena spent a week in Garden Camp, two different weeks in Circus Camp at The Playground Gym, two weeks at Metro Arts Camp - amazing, arts, music, theater, dance, and the rest of the summer she spent a couple of days - my works days - at several different camps. Martial Arts, Dance, and a Fun Camp.

Oh, and we did take some trips too. We camped a couple of times, saw the Redwood Forest, went to the beach, spent the beginning - with snow - and end of summer in Central Oregon, visited Mt. St. Helen's...yes, we had a great fun summer. Alena told me, that she is ready to go back to school. The big question is, am I ready to go back?! ;)

Happy beginning of fall - and you know what? I also love fall. Crisp mornings, pumpkin patch, apple cider...yes, I am ready too!


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