Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The joy of travel...

...we are leaving for a trio tomorrow. This time I am a little bit challenged, because the airline we are using no longer offers a "lactose free" meal. Instead they are offering a "low lactose" meal. I was not able to figure out what that is supposed to be. So I stead I ordered vegan meals for the girls. Truth be said, they probably will be OK but who knows if the ladies will eat it. So this time I am taking a different approach. I bought 1/2 lb of lactose free salami, a box of dairy free Newman's O's, grapes, and carrots. I made sandwiches, and think that we should be OK for food. I certainly do hope so as we do not want to rely on fast food and McDonald's Hamburgers could be an option, but their fries do contain a milk derivative in the United States. So, fingers crossed that we have plenty of foods :)

Since we are leaving in the morning, I did not cook and we went to Porque No? on Hawthorne. Guacamole & Chips for all, Rice & Beans for Alena, and a chicken Taco for Mia Rose.

Oh, and in case you are wondering - this picture was taken at McKezie Pass on our last trip in early September.


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