Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A nice day...

...we have been enjoying the most amazing fall weather. Just gorgeous and it is not a time to stay indoors. The girlies and I started our school/work routine on Monday. They attend school in the morning while I work. In the afternoon we enjoy some well deserved family time.

Food in Europe has been easy to deal with. We however visit at least once a year, so by now I know what to ask and also found a couple of butcher's whose sausages are almost all lactose free. In Germany we have also some foods we do not get at home. Great chocolate, vanilla, carmel soy pudding; fantastic soy yoghurt; strawberry soy milk etc. A far cry from what I imagined when Alena was first born :)

So, what about the picture? This afternoon we walked from the town we are staying to the neighboring village. We walked past a pasture with cows and Alena said "I love you cows! But I cannot have your milk!"


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