Friday, August 17, 2012

Almost back to school...

Two more weeks of summer bliss then we are also back to school here in Portland.  Today is a first for me as I am writing this post in participation of a Friday Fun Party hosted by Kate.  I recently found and followed Kate's Blog. This is the first time I am joining a blogger party.  In any case, the topic of today's fun party is back to school for kids with medical conditions.  In her post Kate writes about the preparations she made at her daughters - Lucy -  school to accommodate her when she is in school. Lucy is a cancer patient.  

You know, if you know me or my blog, that I do not think of our two girls as kids with special needs. Yes, they both have a rare metabolic disorder - Classic Galactosemia - which we manage solely through diet {which is why I talk so much about food :)}. But yes, at the beginning of each school year we have to prepare for school accordingly. This is our third year at this school, so the cafeteria cards of both girls clearly reflect that they do not get hot lunches. Then again, the girls know what and what not they can eat.  The office is aware, and they have a pictures of the girls up identifying them as kids with dietary issues.  
Alena and her Second grade teacher
Alena and her second grade teacher

MiaRose and her Kindergarten teacher
Mia Rose and her Kindergarten teacher

For the new school year, I am hoping that Mia Rose will get Alena's first grade teacher who is aware of their condition. The only other individuals  I will need to speak with are Alena's third grade teacher, and the school nurse. Well, assuming there will be a new school nurse. Alena is on an IEP, so a lot of information is contained on her plan.

Oh yes, and the most important thing to get will be.....yes, you got that one right, Popsicles to keep in the freezer at school, as well as other treats for the classroom should there be any unplanned parties.  One thing we might do this year - if the teachers and girls are up to it - prepare a little talk to the class and parents about Classic Galactosemia.  I feel that at times the girls are not invited to parties, or play dates because parents are afraid. So an explanation about the condition coupled with, no they will not fall into a coma, or metabolic shock and no - this sounds silly - it is not contagious may reduce the fear.  It should make school life easier. Well, I will keep you posted if we do it :)

One thing we have yet to get are medical bracelets. I really need to find a cute ones.  Any recommendations are highly appreciated :) Just in case - if something happens and neither of us parental units is available.

OK - now we are off to enjoy this super hot Portland day....


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