Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Baked Coho Salmon on bed of sauteed corn and green bean succotash...

along oven roasted purple potatoes was our Wednesday dinner.

One of our neighbors runs an urban farm, and is selling produce on the farmers market.  She has just started to sell shares to us neighbors, and this was the first week where we received beautiful corn, fresh onions, delicious green beans, potatoes and more.  The vegetables are 100% organic, and can just not be any more local - you know in Portland, we like to have local food ;).   I could not come up with any great idea myself, so I started to search the internet.  I found a recipe for "sauteed corn and green bean sccotash" - it sounded perfect.  My picture does not look as fantastic as the one in the photo with the recipe - it was good so ;).  Instead of the butter I used Earth Balance, I added a tomato as well as a summer squash to the veggies and left out the parsley as I had none.  It turned out great, and just demands to be served along side a fish.

Coho Salmon was on sale today, and I just could not pass it up.  I generally prefer Sockeye Salmon, but the sale was too good.  I seasoned the salmon with my all favorite salmon rub and baked it for 20 minutes.  I am happy to report dinner success in our little house in Portland...Oh, and those are purple potatoes. They looked a lot better in - as the girlies would say - "real life"


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