Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Summer Camp "Mama"

is how we are spending this summer.  The girlies get to enjoy a little OPB in the morning {I am usually a true TV stickler} while I try to catch up a little on my work.  Then breakfast where we kind of, sort of plan the day.

Today, we went downtown to the Farmer's Market - okay, first we stopped at my office - had lunch, and devoured a pint of Oregon blackberries for dessert.

Then we took a walk through downtown {I had to give a little talk},

made another stop at my office

 and headed to the playground.  The girlies got to play and made a friend.  I just love watching their imaginary play :) - Our next stop were the food carts on Belmont for an ice cream treat {Fifty Licks}  - they have two Galactosemia safe flavors, Passionfruit Sorbet {Mia Rosie's favorite} and Coconut Lemon Saffron Sorbet {Alena's favorite} oh, and I think both are amazing :)

          Sorry, the picture did not turn out, but look at this hula hooping girl :)

Next a stop today was at the post office, then the store and we headed home.  Both girlies enjoyed some more outdoor playtime, and another 30 minutes of OPB - who-hoo  I know it is not as exciting as circus camp, but it gives us time to spend plenty of time together....


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