Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mixed Paella

was our dinner tonight.  You probably do not know this, but my husband loves Paella.  Every so often, for special occasions, he would at a lovely near our house.  The sad news this restaurants - it was our favorite - closed their doors. So, there was no Paella for Ron on his birthday...

Now I have to admit, that I also like Paella so today I decided to make it.  Honestly, it was completely out of my comfort zone. You know, a German making any case I found this (please click on link)  recipe for Seafood Paella , stopped at New Seasons Market for chorizo {the imported kind is 100% Galactosemia safe - read the label}, fresh Washington manila clams, and shrimp.  I used my all time favorite chicken broth {not the low sodium}, and instead of a red pepper I had a green pepper.
It turned out great! - Ron was happy, Mia Rose was happy with the chorizo, and Alena was happy with the clams as well as the chorizo.  Yay - happiness for a great Sunday dinner!

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