Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fun day at the Oregon Coast

One of the many great things about living in Portland the closeness to the Pacific Ocean.  All of us love the beach - and which kid does not like the beach, right.  Yes,  the water is cold - we do not go in the water past our ankles :) - days can be overcast, and a little chilly  b u t the Oregon coast is so amazing.  Beaches are accessible to all - it is a beautiful, mystical coastline that is inspiring and rejuvenating.

Ron was off from work today so yesterday we made the plan to make a day trip to the beach.  We usually take quite a while to get going so by the time we left it was already well past we decided to go the closest beach which is in Canon Beach.  It is cute little beach town with a fantastic beach, a water inlet where the kids can play, tide-pools by Haystack Rock.  Look it up on Wikipedia,_Oregon

I am glad we went.  The girls played in the water, built a sandcastle, slid down the dunes - yes plenty of sand everywhere :).....

We also stopped at the Candy store for salt water taffy - all flavors but butter and butterscotch are dairy free but remember to double check - each girl was allowed to get ten pieces, and of course we got to watch them make it too :)

Before heading back to Portland we stopped at the city playground and picked up some smoked salmon for dinner at the fish market

And all of that fun was had in less than twelve hours :)


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