Saturday, August 4, 2012

Lost Lake {Oregon - Hood County} - Day Trip

It is finally getting hot in Portland; just in time for August and it is perfect to get out of town.  Our original plan was to go camping this weekend at Lost Lake -,_Oregon).  The campground is first come first serve and word is that you need to be up there early on Thursday to get a spot

That was a no-go this week, plus it felt like too much work to get ready so instead we decided to drive up on Saturday.  It takes about two hours to drive up and there are plenty of day use spaces.  Okay - let's be honest there are plenty of day use spaces if you get there early enough in the day.  We like to take our time in the mornings so we did not get there until around 1 in the afternoon.  So - as you could expect - we did not get a spot by the water, but we did find an empty picnic bench - yay! Once we got settled it was off to the water.  Oh my, what an amazing lake for swimming.  Clear water, shallow at the edges, and did I mention the beautiful view of Mt. Hood?! It is the perfect place to cool off, and enjoy the day.

We brought our camping cooker to make Spaghetti with Sockaroni for a late lunch. And look who decided that she likes sauce....

After lunch we packed our picnic site up, and hiked around the lake.  It is a beautiful hike, magical hike with lots of boardwalks and spots to jump in the water to cool of.  One can just imagine the fairies living in the forest....Alena is such a good walker and she loved the entire hike.  Our youngest on the other hand was complaining for - what seemed - at least half of the hike while the path was leading through fairly dense woods.

 Everyone was happy when they jumped in the water and watched a couple of newts....Here is the link for the hike ->

It would have been fantastic to stay for the night, but oh well still close enough for a day trip.  On our drive back we stopped at a brewery in Hood River for dinner. There was not only homemade regular beer, but also homemade root beer....Yum!


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