Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lazy summer day and BBQ dinner

We spent a lovely hot August day today in Camp Mama.  A few errands, and then we were off to downtown to have lunch at the Farmer's Market with Ron.  Sausages for the girlies, and vegetable pita's for the parental units.  For dessert we devoured two pints of deliciously sweet Oregon blueberries....

The afternoon we spent at a playground were the girlies practices their skills on the monkeybar's and twirlly slide.  So you know, dinner had to be easy, right?  Well, we left it up to Ron :)  On our way back home we stopped at New Season's Market on Hawthorne, got a couple of pork chops {three} and seasoned them with herbs.  At home, I took of the silks from the ears of corn and soaked them in cold water.  So all that was left to do was for Ron to get home to grill the pork chops and corn to perfection. The girlies and I hung out in the hammock {together with the cat - can you find him}

while Ron grilled the food to perfection.  20 minutes on the corn with the husks on, and 10 minutes each side - 20 minutes total - on the pork chops. It was perfect - we have definetively grown into a four ears of corn, and three pork chop family :)  Served with ajvar {I get mine at Trader Joe's} and a handfull of cherry tomatoes as well as a glass of rose {for the parental units} it was the perfect dinner on this hot day.


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