Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Night Dinner -> Out

and we went to Dick's Kitchen on Belmont in SE Pdx for the first time. Wow - how could it have taken us this long to try out this restaurant? Fantastic burgers, sliders for the kiddos but you know what is the most fantastic thing about this restaurant? All - yes all - buns, and also sides vegan. Whoo-hoo!!! That makes this mother's heart sing; Galactosemia safe bread = burgers with a bun for the girlies :))) And yes, the burgers and buns are amazing...There are two locations in Portland - here is the link

Do you know what is next door to Dick's Kitchen? No? I will tell you, St. Cupcake and so you know what that means? Yes, dessert for the girlies...a Big Cookie 'n Cream Vegan Cupcake for Alena, and a small Vanilla with Chocolate Frosting Vegan Cupcake for Mia Rose. Happy girlies and Happy Mama :)))


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