Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Brunch - French Toast, scrambled eggs with garden herbs, and berry smoothie

was our brunch today. Lately we have not been in the mood to go out for breakfast as all of our favorite places tend to have long lines by the time we finally get out of the house. Plus I really have been enjoying the calm without having to rush anyone....
Taking inentory of our fridge and pantry I found bread - New Season's whole wheat - eggs, frozen berries, bananas, original Hemp milk, and a small can of coconut milk. Just the right ingredients for French Toast, scrambled eggs, and a super creamy rich smoothie. For the French Toast I used a new recipe -> Besides the usual ingredients this recipe uses also flour. I made two changes by using Maple Syrup instead of white sugar, and exchanging Hemp milk for the "cow" milk. It turned out fantastic. Flour,egg, "milk", cinamon, vanilla extract, maple syrup, a little salt, and bread.
Oh, and the smoothie? 2 bananas, one full bag of frozen berries plus a 1/4 bag of frozen raspberries, Hemp milk - maybe two C -, and one small can of coconut milk. Super creamy and delicious.


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