Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Springbreak at the Oregon Coast

was a lot of fun despite the rain.  There were actually a couple of hours that were dry, and a little blue sky peaked out....We had fun, and only left the house for some adventures along the central Oregon coast. We ended up going out once for lunch at Rogue Brewery on the the Newport Bay  Both girlies enjoyed a hot dog, with potato chips, a side of jello served on a frisbee.  Oh, yes they both loved the entire meal and the frisbees are still being enjoyed   Yes, it rained but we actually enjoyed at least a couple of hours without rain so that we could go to the beach and play.  Besides that we ate in.  I am feeling pretty proud that we managed to bring along all of our food, and drinks. I think that was a first - the only thing we had to get before heading to the beach cottage was coffee.  Big oops for me - good thing I remembered in time!!!

beautiful Oregon cost even in the rain...
Below are some pictures from our mini getaway...
Girlies are digging
Digging break
Mia Rose enjoying the sunshine
Alena smiling in the sunshine
Ron and the girlies in the Oregon Aquarium
Running in the rain


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