Monday, April 30, 2012

Girls only weekend

Ron loves to run and every year he goes to Eugene to run a 1/2 Marathon while we stay up here in Portland.  This year was Ron's turn to drive and since we are a one car family we enjoyed lot's of walks.  Good thing that a) it did not rain the entire weekend and b) it was not too hot yet.  The girls and I had lot's of fun.  So glad, we live urban and have so many great places to walk to.

So on Saturday we took a stroll down to Porque No for lunch - then stopped at the pet shop on the way to the playground.  On the way home from the playground we stopped at Stumptown Coffee on Division met this cute dog, while the girls enjoyed a vegan soy hot chocolate, and vegan soy vanilla steamer.  Chocolate for Alena - Vanilla for Mia Rosie....

On Sunday we took a walk down the hill to the food carts on Belmont.  Hot Dogs for the ladies, and an amazing dessert of Coconut Lemon Saffron Sorbet - creamy coconut milk ice "cream" for Alena, and Passionfruit Peppercorn Sorbet for Mia Rose.  That was the most amazing ice "cream" ever.  So good - Wow - incredibly good!!!

Then on the way back up the hill  we stopped at the playground for some time on the playground before heading back home.  Yay for living in such a great city :)


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