Monday, April 30, 2012

Know about Newbornscreening before your baby arrives

This could be one of the most important things to learn before your precious baby arrives.  Don't be like me;  I - lucky beyond belief - learned about newborn screening last minute in the hospital after Alena was born.  The question always rings in my head what if I had not read the brochure? Our story ->

Yes, newborn screening is protocol in all hospital's but let's face it we are dealing with humans and not robots.  Errors happen, tests get forgotten, so always ask to make sure.  For us, had I not asked more like than not Alena would not have survived. That is the plain truth. But you that it is also true, that I would have never asked had I not known about newborn screening.  As remote as it sounded at that day, and yes I certainly did not know that it would save our daughter's life.  Just that little piece of knowledge saved Alena's life.

And, there are other reasons why it is so important to know about newborn screening before your precious baby arrives.  Did you know that the disorders tested by each state in it's newborn screening test varies?  Some states for 39 different disorders, while others test for 50+ disorders.  Find out now which disorders your state tests It is so important to find out before your baby is here, because it gives you time to determine whether you may want to get additional screening for your newborn.  We did this with Mia Rose - our second daughter - and her test result showing a positive GALT - Classic Galactosemia - was reported by the private lab within a weeks time.  Which was also faster than the state results were reported.  Here is the link to tell you more about additional screening ->

So please, spread the word tell your pregnant friends, tell your friends who are about to adopt a newborn baby. It is easy to learn more about the newborn screen check out, and watch this amazing video


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