Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday hike and dinner out

It has been sunny in the great Pacfic Northwest and yes, the entire weekend long.  Nothing can keep us inside all day and we had to get out.  A perfect time for a family hike.  Today we went across the river to Camas, Washington for a hike I found in our "Northwest Oregon" hiking guide.  What an amazing hike - complete with a couple of waterfalls, lily meadow - just about to bloom -, and a fantastic playground. We took the trail to "Pothole Falls", then to the Lower Falls, to the Lilly Field, and then returned back across the dam. Both of our girls are good walkers - and yes, Mia Rosie did fuzz a little, but the prospect of the playground made it all better.  We looked for fairy hideouts, smelled blooming skunk cabbage - no one enjoyed the scent ;) -  and listened to the birds sing in the forest.

Our hike leader

In the meadow

Mother-daughters hug
For dinner we drove back to Southeast Portland and ate the Country Cat which is a great restaurant but admittedly does not have a lot of Galactosemia safe choices for our girls.  The

staff is super nice and we made it work - the girlies split a hamburger (without the bun), with a side of pasta as the onion rings contain milk.  Along with it we also got an order of collard greens, and baked beans which both were "safe".  As a special treat both ladies enjoyed a bottle of Kinderbier aka root beer...


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