Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Do you know about Newborn Screening

Did you know that our girls are only alive and well because of the Newborn Screen.  Please read our story on the blog of the Association of Public Health Laboratories.  http://blog.aphl.org/2011/11/how-newborn-screening-saved-two-little-girls/ and spread the word about Newborn Screening.  I cannot imagine where we would be without Newborn Screening.

Please share and encourage all expecting parents, as well as others to learn about the Newborn Screen.  www.savebabies.org educates about Newborn Screening, and where to get supplemental testing.  Did you know that the Foundation was started by parents who lost their baby to Galactosemia? It is a heartbreaking story - but with education about Newborn Screening and parents not opting out it will not need to happen again.


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