Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Look who had a Birthday

Here is our beautiful birthday girl. There is no school this week at the Portland Public School System so we had the day to ourselves to celebrate and have fun.  And fun we had!!!  We started the day with Brownies - not the perfect breakfast food but it's a once a year occasion and Alena loves chocolate. By the way, I admit to making them out of a box.  Yup - not my usual thing but these are so good and free of milk :)  I used the Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Brownie Mix and they turned out beautiful and full packed of delicious sweet chocolate flavor.

Next the girls were allowed some rare playtime with my iPad before we went for our second breakfast at Alean's favorite restaurant Jam on Hawthorne.  Guess what she ate?

Yup, vegan chai pancakes and a slice of bacon.

The next stop was for a pedicure and manicure before

we headed to Playdate PDX with a couple of friends for some well deserved playing time.  For some reason I did not take any pictures there - what was I thinking! - but here is the link.  So fun,  and they do have Galactosemia friendly foods.  The girls all shared a couple of warm Pretzels which were safe for everyone.  Just in case you like to know more about Playdate PDX - I highly recommend it for a fun time - here is the link

Alena chose Bridgeport in Northwest Portland for dinner - both girls enjoyed their Pizza Dogs while their friends had cheese pizza, and quesadilla.

We ended the day as it began.  With chocolate brownies....


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