Saturday, November 19, 2011

Friday is pizza night...

...who does not love pizza? It is even better having a Friday night pizza party with good friends. That is what we did for dinner last night. Can you see how much fun everyone had? Pizza, with sparkling Strawberry juice (that was Mia Rosie's choice), followed by a movie.

Our friend loves cheese pizza while Mia Rose and Alena prefer pepperoni - obviously without cheese. We ordered the pizza half with cheese, and the other half no cheese, but pepperoni. The pizza came just as ordered - perfect! Can you see it in this picture?! Girls sitting side by side - one eating cheese, while the other is eating her Galactosemia safe pizza. Both girls know not to eat pizza with cheese. These are moments that are now so - for lack of better words - normal, and something I would not have thought possible almost eight years ago when Alena was first diagnosed.

Happy Saturday!


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