Monday, November 14, 2011


I seem to get a little more creative as the year goes on; I have to break the habit of  packing the same foods.  Most likely there are some foods the girls could eat in the school cafeteria. I have however not yet taken up the effort in setting up meetings, to determine which foods are safe.  And quite frankly,  school lunches are not so much to be missed.  So it is up to me - and the girls :)

Our girls have such different taste buds.  Mia Rosie loves sandwiches, and she is also happy to eat a PBJ sandwich once in a while.  Alena on the other hand, will only eat turkey, ham roll-ups. Never on a sandwich and once in a great while rolled on a tortilla.  She needs variety and get quickly bored.  Staples are Z-Bars.  Alena loves anything chocolate - which Mia Rose on the other hand does not like, she likes the new crunchy Peanutbutter ZBars. Fruit roll-ups, crackers, tortilla chips, pretzels, carrots, soy yoghurt, and soy pudding - chocolate of course.

I just added Star Vegetable Soup to the repertoire, left over soup from dinner, and fruit salad.  Last year I thought, that it would be more stressful to pack to lunches everyday.  That however has proven - luckily - not to be true...yay...OK enough for now...happy day!


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