Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Eve Dinner..., it cannot be true! Yes, it is :) I made Fish-sticks for dinner. Yup!!! The girls have been begging for it. Really, I do not make this up. How could I?! In any case, fish-sticks, Jasmine rice, mixed green salad with pomegranate.

It has been rainy all day and I admit to enjoying it. Everything quiets down, and we stayed at home the entire day. A walk around the block - but that was it. Alena and I made her new big puzzle while Mia Rose drew, we finished some presents, the girls had piano lessons and yes, there was also tv time for the girls. Mia Rose assisted in cleaning out the pomegranate while Alena played some more piano. Oh, total bliss...Happy Thanksgiving to all!


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