Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tuesday Lunch and Dinner...

...ha, so I jinxed the girlies lunches with my lunch post the other day.  That surely must be it because I had packed Mia Rose a turkey sandwich, and turkey roll-ups for Alena. And guess what?  Yup,  neither of them ate it.  Mia Rose declared "it is dead and I do not want to eat it", while Alena claimed that she did not like it.  Truthfully, it was honey roasted turkey and not the usual pepper turkey - so maybe that is it.  Let's see and fingers crossed that there will be turkey sandwiches, and roll-ups eaten in the near future.

So what about dinner.  I made homemade chicken fingers - drenched in egg, and breaded with Panko - French Fries, and Broccoli.  The girls were thrilled - OK they were thrilled about the fries -,

and so was Ron.  Yay! Much better dinner success than Monday night.

Homemade chicken fingers, oven fries, and broccoli


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