Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday Night Dinner...

...yes,  I made dinner.  Both girls however helped after school....Dinner tonight was - three bean beef chili with side of cornbread, and brownies for desert.  Today was the rare day, where we did not have salad as a side dish.  Well, sometimes it does happen. - Mia Rose helped make the corn bread,  and Alena helped with the Brownies.  For the Corn Bread I admit to using a box.  I have used the mix from Trader Joe's before.  Today however I used Jiffy brand corn bread mix.  We added plain soy milk, instead of the cow milk and voila/  It turned out great!

Easy, comfort food of homemade three bean beef chili tonight for dinner. Let me tell you,  both girls loved it.  Remember how much Alena loves beans?

Three Bean - Pinto, Navey, and Kidney - Beef Chili


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